The Reglar Wiglar is a zine that was first published from 1993 to 2005. (Read about the Reglar Wiglar‘s genesis here.) It existed in the print medium. The zine originally consisted of fictitious interviews with made-up bands as well as invented reviews of non-existent records. Yes, it was confusing even then. Eventually real interviews with real bands and comic artists started appearing.

rw11Abandoning print in 2005, the first Reglar Wiglar Blog was established in March of that year with a series of pointless posts. That trend would continue for many years.

In 2010, the digital Reglar Wiglar Magazine was begun and would be published on a quarterly basis with updates appearing (almost) daily. While the energy and spirit behind this new, ambitious endeavor soon receded, you have to admire the good intentions behind it. I do.

A return to a print version of the zine occurred in 2014 with Reglar Wiglar #22—a complete departure from any previous incarnation. For the reboot, I began a recounting of my long sordid job history, which would continue in Reglar Wiglar #23 published in 2015. The third installment of my ongoing jobs report was published in Reglar Wiglar #24 in 2016. You can order them all from RoosterCow Press. Cock-a-doodle-moo.

String this all together and in 2017 you have a zine that has been published continually in some form for almost 25 years.—Chris Auman